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“FACT24 provides UniCredit London with the ability to effectively deal with communicating with senior management and wider staff at the time of a potential crisis event. FACT24 has provided a reliable and efficient alert notification, conference and reporting tool in support of our business continuity plans.”


“Availability is a particularly important factor for us, and it is always there. For us, it’s also about vehicle production. If there’s a malfunction there, it’s also about vehicle losses. Then it’s important to be able to quickly inform the management and specialist staff.”

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“[…]Being a critical infrastructure, we have a legal obligation to notify the authorities relatively quickly. In this respect the greatest advantage for us is simply the timeline.” or “The big advantage is that a large number of people can be informed quickly and easily.”

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“In emergency and crisis situations, with FACT24 Commerzbank ensures communication and information of the relevant employees. FACT24 allows us to react quickly and flexibly to critical situations, to reach employees on various end devices and to record alarms in an audit-proof manner.”

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Wellcome Trust

“We have a firm expectation that people are 22301 and particularly 27001 security accredited. Ans we were conscious of GDPR, so here is an emergency communication system which is, by it’s nature, going to have sensitive personal data on it. So there is no compromise on that, it has to be GDPR compliant.”

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East Sussex Resilience & Emergency Partnership Team

“What we really wanted with the product, was not just a notification system, but somewhere where we could have ALL information in ONE place.”

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