Don’t Wait for a Crisis to Happen: The Importance of a robust Crisis Management System for NIS2 Compliance

Wednesday, June 7th 2023, 11:00 Uhr CET

Online, via GoToWebinar Plattform

The new NIS2 regulation (Network and Information Systems Directive 2) is a recent EU directive that imposes new requirements on companies in terms of cybersecurity and data protection. The main goal of the NIS2 is to strengthen the security and resilience of network and information systems across the EU, by setting minimum standards for cybersecurity and reporting incidents.

You are not concerned about NIS2 because it does not affect you? Remember: While you may not be affected directly by the regulation, your partners or customers might be and they might require you to comply as well. Click here and register now!

In this web-seminar we will take a look at the following questions:

  • How does the NIS2 regulation affect you?
    • How can a Crisis Management System help you comply with the NIS2 regulation?
    • What are the next steps companies have to take?

          Why is this important?

          Compliance with the regulation is mandatory for all companies that provide essential services and digital service providers in the EU. Failure to comply with the regulation can result in significant fines and reputational damage. The NIS2 regulation imposes new obligations on companies in terms of risk managementincident reporting, and security measures. Companies need to ensure that they have appropriate cybersecurity measures in place to prevent and detect cyber threats, and to report any incidents to the relevant authorities. NIS2 regulation is an important step towards a more secure and resilient digital environment, which is critical for the functioning of modern society and the economy. By complying with the regulation, companies can contribute to the overall cybersecurity of the EU and help to protect against cyber threats.

            About the host:

            Alessandro has worked as a specialist on critical infrastructure protection, resilience and cyber security since 2004. He was a scientific officer at the European Commission Joint research Center, where he worked to support the European program for critical infrastructure protection (EPCIP). Alessandro is also a fellow in legal informatics at the School of Law, at the University of Lecce, and he is also a lecturer on courses for protecting critical infrastructure at the NATO Center of Excellence Defence against Terrorism (COEDAT). Last but not least, Alessandro is also the co-founder and fellow of the Centre for interdisciplinary research on critical infrastructure security and resilience at the University of Salento, Italy.

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