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SaaS solutions to strengthen your resilience.

We are Europe’s leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider for resilience. Our solutions are renowned worldwide for their high quality and reliable service.

Our solutions cover all areas of resilience.

Enable organisations to save lives and values.

Connect businesses with people.

Proactively manage risks and critical business processes digitally.

How We Enable Businesses to Save Lives and Values

Employeee Safety with F24

People Safety

Critical incidents need prompt and targeted response. An alerting software helps companies to notify and communicate in the most effective way.

Business Resilience

From risk monitoring and response planning to disaster recovery plans, organisations should consider resilience planning as an investment.

Security Personell Meeting In A Main Security Data Center Office

Crisis Response

Crises come in all shapes and sizes, from internal disruption such as IT failures to external threats such as natural disasters or cyber-attacks.

Alerting Equipment with Smart Security

Smart Security

By integrating new and existing security devices with specialist software, you can ensure your security processes are efficiently managed and monitored.

More than 5.500 Customers from All Industries
Trust the Services of F24 in Critical Situations.

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Hear What Our Customers from Different Industries Say about Us

Emergency Management In Hospital Situation

“With FACT24 we are now up to date with regard to alerting and crisis management. We are proud to have such an innovative solution in use.” – CareLink

“In a crisis you’re dealing with things changing all the time, with customers and lots of different things, it changes and we need to very quickly adapt. And task management gives us the ability to be able to do that quickly.” – TUI

“We looked at the benchmark of various solutions because two airlines had a different provider and they were too rigid, too inflexible, we didn’t have this issue with our F24 solution.” – SWISS International Air Lines Ltd.

Emergency Situation in a Hospital

“For us, time is the critical factor. If we respond too slowly to a disaster, human lives may be lost. We can issue an alert in only 5 to 10 minutes, and rapidly gain a clear overview of the current status thanks to the reports supplied by the system.” – Neuperlach Clinic

“By using the established action cards during a crisis, we ensure that the tasks are taken care of. This helps us stay focused on handling the incident, and not the tool.” – Vy Trains

“Our IT systems are subject to increasing complex requirements of availability and stability. FACT24’s
automated communication technology provides vital assistance in the event of emergency.” – dwpbank

“With our F24 solution, we can alert our crisis and emergency organisations efficiently and independently from our own infrastructure.” – Alipiq

“We can only be there for affected people quickly […] in a difficult situation because we have meticulously mapped our processes on the F24 platform and seamlessly integrated our information systems and locations into it.“ – Equinor


We Support You during Any Critical Situation

What I like about F24 is your approachability, the way that you take care of your customers.”

Bert Burkels, Addiko Bank AG
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Reap the Benefits on an Emergency Notification System

Clear, responsive emergency communications will allow your business to continue to provide vital services and support during an incident – and beyond.

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For more than twenty years we have been continuously expanding our expertise in digital crisis management and business messaging. As the European market leader in this field, more than 5,500 clients in more than a hundred countries have put their trust in our solutions.

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