Crisis and Emergency Management for Energy Sector

Crisis and emergency management for the energy sector needs forward planning, immediate response and reliable interventions. Learn all about emergency and crisis management in the energy sector.

Stop Potentially Lethal Chain Reactions as Early as Possible

Modern life as we know it wouldn’t function without energy supplies which is why crisis and emergency management in the energy sector is so crucial. Critical infrastructures must therefore make their crisis management as secure and resilient as possible and intervene as early and reliably as possible to stop these chain reactions. The range of potential dangers is wide but includes technical failures, fire, supply bottlenecks, sabotage or leakage and in every case, it is crucial to act quickly and decisively.

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Stay Prepared for All Kinds of Emergencies and Crises in Energy Sector

Efficient Preparation Leads to Prevention & Recovery

A decisive success factor for professional, efficient emergency and crisis management is to be well prepared. We offer the optimum conditions for this to support crisis managers with crisis prevention, digital emergency planning, early monitoring of minor incidents, crisis management including emergency notification and task management through to regular reports and documentation. Our solutions have a multiple redundant structure ready for use anywhere, at any time, so that chain reactions can be stopped at a very early stage.

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Thomas Fütterer, Crisis Staff Coordinator at Bayernwerk, on his experience with FACT24.

As the person responsible for security, business continuity and crisis management, Raphael Heldt from TOTAL Germany gives his opinion on the FACT24 crisis management tool.

Ralf Reckling is responsible for electricity and telecommunications network management at EWE NETZ GmbH and reports on his experiences with FACT24.

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F24 prides itself on the flexibility and scalability of its solutions. Customers can pick and choose the solution, which suits their objectives best and each of these are highly configurable to ensure a smooth transition from your previous process to efficient digital preparedness. We help organisations of all sizes to meet the challenge of being prepared to respond. Reach out for an obligations-free call.

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