Emergency Management

Emergencies can escalate into crises very fast. Emergency management tools are crucial for businesses to overcome such challenging situations.

Emergency Management with F24
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Plan for an Effective Emergency Management

In an emergency, every second counts! Organisations must ensure they can contact stakeholders, employees, and emergency services instantly and evaluate feedback efficiently to take the right action.

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Proactive Crisis Management: From Prevention to Lessons Learned

FACT24 CIM is our Software-as-a-Service-solution for comprehensive, digital crisis management – including digital task management, management report preparation and management of external stakeholders. Get to know FACT24 CIM in depth and schedule a demo:

Prepare Your Disaster Response

Communication systems should integrate multi-channel messaging. Traditional messaging systems or messaging apps are often overwhelmed during a crisis and do not offer sufficient levels of security. Include multi-channel messaging to reach all relevant people.

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Planning ahead with F24 tools
First responder alerting

Alert and Mobilise First Responders

Response teams should be mobilised within minutes. Real-time conferencing and qualification-based alerting in a secure environment ensure dynamic collaboration – enabling emergency managers across multiple locations to work together. Decisions made on actual feedback and analysis enable faster emergency responses to improve chances of complete business recovery.

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Quick and Efficient Emergency Management

Emergency responders should act upon early warnings to prevent it from escalating into a crisis. On-call altering ensures that on-duty workers are informed immediately of any problems or hazards. Organisations can monitor the response and, if there are delays, problems or more, the system can also escalate the incident automatically, selecting and alerting any additional responders if necessary.

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Benefit from Emergency Management Planning

Don’t let an emergency turn into a crisis. Act clearly and decisively with the help of F24 solutions and solve the incident at an early stage. Our software supports organisations to respond to situations using all communication channels in real-time and notify general public or targeted groups of people. Talk to us today to learn about our range of crisis response solutions. Talk to F24 today about our emergency management software and how we can help.

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Planning Your Emergency Management

Every organisation should have emergency planning contingencies in place for situations arising from natural disasters such as storms, floods, and fires to man-made hazards like cyber-attacks, crime, or civil unrest. Following predefined guidance, using fast communication channels, and making informed decisions means organizations can control the spread of any hazard, limit the damage done to their business and ensure business recovery is swift.
Being prepared and having emergency plans in place are key when managing an emergency situation. By their very nature, incidents can escalate rapidly and be difficult to contain. Emergency management implements key initial plans to stop any incident from becoming a crisis.
Organisations’ emergency response plans should be based on a co-ordinated, predetermined approach. Preplanning is vital in ensuring that any situation can be dealt with quickly. Key staff should be familiar with the framework in place and action required, preferably by having participated in several practice scenarios. Documenting progress and results is essential to ensure the overall effectiveness and resilience of disaster management, both during the crisis and afterwards for review and improvements.

Activate the Relevant People

Businesses need an emergency management plan that can be implemented quickly and securely, with a streamlined and structured communication system as its backbone. This helps with faster communications and better decision-making during emergency situations.

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