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Crisis Response and Management

Crises come in all shapes and sizes, from internal disruption such as IT failures to external threats such as natural disasters or cyber-attacks. Your organisation’s response to an operational threat could mean all the difference between continued business success and the end of it. 

Mastering Crisis Communication with F24

Crisis Communication

With a plan in place, many steps to deal with a crisis can be automated. A crisis management software will help with the planning and speed up your crisis response by sending messages and alerts via multiple communication channels in an instant. Investing in a web-based solution that helps with dynamic resource planning can help you execute an effective crisis communication and save the day!

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Emergency Notification

Time is crucial in emergencies. In such situations, real-time information and efficient coordination is of utmost importance. Use an emergency notification system to alert employees. Communicate information to anyone affected by a critical situation. You can also use it on a mass-scale to notify thousands of people or target specific groups of people for your emergency communication.

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Notifications with F24

Our crisis management solutions are digital and proactive. From a central platform accessible from anywhere, structuring and organising incidents using action cards, to successful internal and external communication – our solutions take you from the beginning of a crisis, to its evaluation using protocols and reports.

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“… Being a critical infrastructure, we have a legal obligation to notify the authorities relatively quickly. In this respect the greatest advantage for us is simply the timeline… the big advantage is that a large number of people can be informed quickly and easily.”

Mass Notification Systems from F24

Mass Notification

A mass notification system helps you plan and manage your response to any incident, large or small. By automating operations such as sending out initial notifications and re-sending or redirecting failed messages, a mass notification system can free up time for the crises control team to deal with more pressing matters. Alerting large groups of individuals involves quick responses, clear messaging, and the ability to coordinate an overview of actions and responses.

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Media Management

A crisis management plan should set out media communication strategies to handle interest from press and TV – giving clear, open explanations of the crisis and updates on the progress to resolve the situation. These media correspondences are vital in maintaining a good relationship with journalists and protecting brand reputation. 

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Alerting persons of concern

Dealing with Persons of Concern

“Persons of concern” can also be notified with bespoke communications giving support and advice for dealing with the situation. A crisis communication plan should deal with answers to common problems faced by persons of concern: Do staff need to come in to work? Are customer orders going to be fulfilled? If there is a need to move to a safer location.

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Crisis response needs planning ahead and efficient execution in times of need. Invest in smart solutions that are complaint and supports you in exactly the way you need. F24’s web-based software solutions are always available and show you workflows and resource deployment in real-time. Call us today to discuss your crisis management response.

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