Efficient Crisis Management for Events, Museums and Cultural Institutions

Whether in a museum, theater or at an open-air concert, the arts and culture industry needs an complete approach towards security. So that both sides are protected: the cultural assets and cultural workers, as well as those interested in culture. With F24 solutions, we create safe spaces for cultural encounters.

A uniformed security officer monitors the exhibition rooms in the museum alone, ensuring the protection of artworks and visitors

Protect Your Cultural Heritage:
Effective Incident Management against Vandalism and Loss in Cultural Institutions

Paint, glue, acid, theft – it is not only political activism or vandalism that endangers works of art and historical artifacts visitors can also quickly cause damage that cannot be measured in monetary terms. With individually tailored incident management, operators of museums, memorials or historical sites can avoid such incidents at best and, if the worst comes to the worst, minimise the damage: through increased vigilance, networked communication and rapid intervention. 

Find out how the Belvedere Gallery in Vienna protects its works of art from vandalism with F24 CIM.

Our solutions are key tools for security and emergency preparedness during the FIS World Ski Championships Trondheim 2025

A specialized and dedicated tool for crisis management is becoming increasingly vital for ensuring security and emergency preparedness at major events, such as the FIS World Ski Championships in Trondheim, Norway. Given the complexity of such events, having user-friendly software that facilitates efficient planning, timely notification, and seamless collaboration during incidents is paramount. Our solutions play a crucial role in ensuring that various response teams of the World Cup organizer operate with a unified and up-to-date understanding of the situation.

Foto: Ski-VM 2025
Photo: Ski-VM 2025
A large crowd in motion at a cultural event symbolizes high visitor traffic and the need for effective evacuation strategies.

Mass Notification Systems: Crisis Management in Museums and at large Events

In arts and culture, a large number of visitors is always welcome. However, if something unexpected happens in full houses and arenas, such as a rampage, a fire or an extreme weather event, particularly efficient crisis management is required to protect and control the many people. After all, if a large crowd of people panics, they themselves become a danger to life. Mass alerting systems not only ensure efficient communication within the crisis management team, but also help to communicate directly with those affected and to evacuate them safely or guide them through a dangerous situation via integrated screens, loudspeakers or cell broadcast. Furthermore, the communications team is given powerful tools to inform the public and the media professionally about the situation.

Find out how a major event such as the Women’s World Cup with 52 matches in nine cities, hundreds of official event locations, around 400 employees and tens of thousands of spectators per match was able to guarantee maximum flexibility and speed of response.

Smart Security:
Intelligent Surveillance and Protection for Lone Workers in Museums and Galleries  

Valuable objects also attract criminals.Protection against burglary and theft is a high priority, especially for museums, galleries and historical memorials.Smart solutions enable the integration of existing surveillance infrastructure into intelligent crisis management systems and relieve the burden on facility management staff – for example through automated alarms and the option of remote monitoring.Lone worker protection solutions also ensure the safety of staff who are left to their own devices, such as night guards.

A mobile phone displays the activated Lone Worker App, an essential tool for the protection of individuals working alone in museums and cultural institutions

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Crisis Management for museums and cultural institutions

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