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Minimise the disruptions from an IT outage with a coordinated and pre-planned response to get back to business as soon as possible. 

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Getting an IT Outage Alarm

IT Infrastructure Failures: Coordinate Your Incident Communications

Anything can cause an IT outage – from server/software failures or power outages to cyber-attacks. the downtime of this critical infrastructure can last minutes, hours or days. Whatever happens, you need to respond quickly and decisively to protect your business and brand credibility.

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Your Response to a System Outage: Speed Is Key 

In today’s interconnected world, we all depend on robust technology being available to ensure we can continue to work, shop, be entertained and communicate with each other. These critical infrastructures rely on IT systems and networks to function, so when IT fails, the impact can lead to the failure of another service, and another.

When an issue is identified, you must proactively deal with it before critical systems become compromised. Having solutions such as alerting software, which can be implemented within minutes, helps organisations hone their incident management and response times. And with an IT failure, you need to respond within minutes.

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IT Outage Management

Best Practice for Outage Communications

Surprisingly, many organisations still use internal email as the main communication channel during an IT outage. Day-to-day business communication channels cannot be relied upon during a network outage. By their very nature, outages mean that communication services, including messaging apps and email, may be unreliable or at worst, not available at all.

Many organisations already use monitoring and altering software to help coordinate their response during system failures. These are increasingly Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to ensure that, even when in-house IT infrastructure is unavailable, the IT outage plan can be quickly and efficiently activated. By using cloud-based alerting software, the latest real-time progress reports can be accessed from anywhere, using any device.

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F24 Solutions Enable You to Handle IT Crises with Confidence:


Digitise your business continuity plans, monitor critical issues and vulnerabilities and create automated emergency notifications.


Combine crisis prevention, risk monitoring, incident management, emergency notification and proactive crisis management into a single system.

Cooperate in a
Coordinated Manner

Use smart emergency notification services and proactive digital task management with pre-defined checklists.

Be Capable to Act at Any Time

We contractually guarantee an availability of at least 99.5%. 

Communicate Professionally

Make a fast and targeted public appearance – with templates for situation reports and communication with the media, stakeholders and the public.

Document Everything in Real Time

All events are documented in real time and according to auditing requirements – for your own evaluation or for submission to authorities.

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How Can F24’s Secure, Highly Available Software Support Your Organisation during an IT Outage? 

F24 AG is the first company worldwide to achieve ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certification. Our integrated management system for information security (ISMS) and business continuity (BCMS) have been certified by the BSI (British Standards Institution). F24 guarantees 99.5% availability of services thanks to its built-in redundancy and security measures, so you know you can rely on it when you need it most.

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How Do You Handle System Outages?

When IT infrastructure fails, the speed of response is crucial. In this high-pressure situation, proactive communication with both internal and external stakeholders and clients will keep them on side. Once a system outage notification has been flagged, regular status updates with clear messaging on the impacted services and, if possible, the likely system downtime can help mitigate any repercussions.

An unplanned outage will lead to downtime costs that no business would want to avoid. By minimising disruption thanks to a coordinated, planned response to an IT failure, you can get back to business as quickly as possible.

Why Is It Important to Have Independent IT Outage Response?

When organisations are under a cyber-attack or there is a power outage that causes server downtime, the importance of having a system that is independent of current infrastructure cannot be underestimated. When IT communications are down, how can the response team forward vital information and instructions to key personnel? A cloud-based solution not only handles secure crisis communications but also provide virtual meeting rooms so your response team can communicate easily.

What’s more, an altering and IT outage response solution automates notification processes, thereby allowing response teams to concentrate on dealing with recovery and restoration of services. Old-school solutions (landlines, paper-based tracking) is time consuming and wasteful. A SaaS solution can automatically store conversations and log actions. This is particularly useful for compliance and post-incident analysis.

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