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One of the most common requirements in a crisis scenario is the evacuation of people and other valuable resources.
Optimise your evacuation process with F24 solutions.

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Save Lives with Efficient Alerting

When a fire breaks out, or there’s a natural disaster or amok, you only have a few minutes to evacuate a building. Within this time, the fire must be detected, the persons at risk must be alerted and asked to leave the danger zone.
With an evacuation alarm, organisations can initialise the process manually or automatically. The system uses the infrastructure already available to give employees visual and audible evacuation instructions on their smartphones or play announcements by means of IP loudspeakers and central PA systems.

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Communicate rapidly and precisely in the event of disruptions and crises

FACT24 ENS+ is our Software-as-a-Service-solution for secure and comprehensive Alerting and Emergency Notification. It supports crisis managers, particularly in the acute phase of a critical event. Get to know FACT24 ENS+ in depth and schedule a demo:

Multi-Channel Communication

Multi-channel communication is essential to ensure maximum reach. Responsible people or authorities can also be notified via telephone, client PC, mobile app, loudspeaker, SMS or email. What’s more – you can activate silent alarms for sensitive scenarios like a hostage situation. The alerted individuals too can use all communication channels for the confirmation.

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Communication on Multiple Channels with F24
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A Single Solution for Every Step of Crisis Management

It is crucial to have a central alerting and crisis management platform that can be connected to all subsystems of the security and building management subsystems as well as the ICT infrastructure. In dangerous situations, the user can understand the dynamics of events, to alert in an optimal and targeted way and to initialize immediate relief measures in order to minimize damages.

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Optimize Investigation and React Quickly with Situation-specific Information

In case of an emergency, teams can automatically start telephone conference and directly exchange information about the necessary steps on investigation and response. They can also share route maps to all individuals to help the evacuation process.
Share real-time information about any changes regarding situational danger. Additionally, adapt notifications concerning bomb threats or fire evacuations and edit the group of recipients to take the right decisions. In a few mouse clicks, situation-specific contingency plans can be distributed to the people involved via mobile app, client PC or e-mail.

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F24 supports you in identifying the source of the fire and also in evacuating endangered buildings quickly and in a controlled manner. Our solutions can be coupled with all main fire alarm systems. Our solution meets the requirements of DIN VDE 0827 standard for emergency and danger response systems. Reach us today for an obligation-free demo on how to optimise your evacuation strategy in case of a crisis or emergency.

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