Silent Alarm for Critical Emergency Situations

Danger at work? Trigger an alarm quickly and discreetly to save lives and assets. Find out more about silent alarms and how they can help your business.

Silent Alarms are Indispensable for Business Environments

Whether at the premises of public authorities, energy suppliers or health services – incidents of employee assaults are not uncommon. Protecting them from threats and attacks is of the highest priority for employers. In such situations, your employees can set off a silent alarm discreetly. In case of emergency, our solutions inform the relevant auxiliaries according to previously defined rules and initialises an escalation of the distress call, where required.

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Manage Crisis with Silent Alarms

To ensure that the right people are informed quickly and efficiently in critical situations, our cloud and software-based solutions can be linked to any silent alarm triggering mechanism. You can flexibly integrate it into your existing IT and telecommunications infrastructure, using both wireless and wired emergency buttons.

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Options to receive alarms on PC client
Direct triggering via desktop icon, hotkey combination or external USB button
Trigger silent alarm by phone
PC Client Receive alarms

1 TICKER: Message is displayed in a banner as scrolling text.
2 TOASTER FUNCTION: Message is visualized discreetly in the corner of the screen.
3 PC-POP UP: Message is visualized in the center of the screen.
4 PC-POP UP: In addition to the normal POP UP, the entire screen is blackened around the message.
Alarm menu in the Serinus App
Silent alarm via telephone

1 Simply program the desired alarm button
2 Direct feedback on successful triggering in the display
3 Connection of external buttons
4 Possibility to listen in to the room

How Silent Alarm Can Help Your Business

  • Work with Real-time Alerting: When you work with real-time alerting, immediately after a silent alarm is triggered, the alert recipients can be notified via various communication channels. In doing so, all important information about the hazard situation, name of the trigger, room number, time and further instructions can be transmitted. The event can be acknowledged immediately by the alert recipient.
  • Multimedia Alerting Channels: Targeted alerting can occur via all channels. These include notifications by voice call, client PC, mobile app, loudspeaker, SMS or e-mail. The required communication channels can be defined individually but also on the basis of either departments or rooms. The channels can be controlled either in parallel or in a chronological order. In conflict situations of hazard levels 0 and 1, the system alerts the direct colleagues in order to reach the public. In case of hazard levels 2 and 3, the system keeps the same colleagues away from the crime scene and special task forces are mobilised.
  • Confirmation and Escalation: With the acknowledgment function, you also receive real-time feedback on the availability and response time of the people alerted. In case of missing or inadequate feedback, after a configurable time, automatic alarm repetitions are initialised or employees from other divisions/departments are informed.
  • Alarm Simulation: To ensure an optimum operation of the alerting procedure in case of an emergency, it is important to test the alarm configuration that has been set up. For this purpose, the alarm software offers an alarm simulator to check all scenarios. Thus, possible errors in the configuration of the alarm logic are directly detected and can be revised.
  • Traceable Logging: All alarms are logged in detail and can be used to improve further measures. Access to the alarm reports is regulated by a rights and roles concept. A manual export of the alarms log is also available. In addition to this, reports can be sent automatically by e-mail.
  • Easy connection to further subsystems: Our solution can be expanded to an integrated central security platform. Thanks to standard and proprietary interfaces, you can connect fire alarm systems, building management systems or hazard detection systems to the alerting solution. In this way, faults and alarms of all kinds can be transmitted to the alert recipients via multimedia.

Communicate rapidly and precisely in the event of disruptions and crises

FACT24 ENS+ is our Software-as-a-Service-solution for secure and comprehensive Alerting and Emergency Notification. It supports crisis managers, particularly in the acute phase of a critical event. Get to know FACT24 ENS+ in depth and schedule a demo:

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Reap the Benefits of a Silent Alarm

Our solution meets the requirements of the Aachen model for multi-level alerting systems. Learn more about applications of silent alarms and how it can help protect your people and assets during sensitive crisis situations. Reach out for a obligations-free consultation.

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