Stay Prepared to Overcome Natural Disasters

Disaster planning is key to any response as, in an emergency, every second counts. That’s why proactive organisations prepare risk assessments of natural threats, such as earthquakes or floods, and the impact of climate change on their business.

Prepared to Overcome Natural Disasters with F24
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A Natural Disaster Doesn’t Have to Lead to a Corporate Disaster

Climate and environmental changes are an increasing threat to business and infrastructure. By preparing to deal with a natural disaster, companies can mitigate any potential harm to their business and investments. With contingencies in place, you can activate your business continuity plan to ensure that you are back to normal as quickly as possible. Integrated monitoring, alerting and messaging software allows you to deal with a crisis from initial warnings through to business recovery and review.

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How Braskem Idesa Sapi prepares for critical situations like natural disasters

An often overlooked topic during natural disasters, such as earthquakes, is ensuring the accessibility of affected staff within and organisation. Telephone lines and messenger services are often overloaded in such situations. The industrial company Braskem Idesa Sapi faced this very problem when a devastating earthquake struck the Mexico City area in 2017. After searching for a suitable alternative for alerting and locating its employees, Braskem Idesa Sapi finally opted for FACT24 CIM. Shortly afterwards, the solution proved its worth during another earthquake. Find out more about how Braskem Idesa Sapi uses the FACT24 CIM solution to protect its employees and download the case study for free.

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How Can You Prepare for a Natural Disaster?

A disaster risk reduction process can help to avoid major disruption or destruction. What’s more, you need to have a reliable early warning mechanism to ensure that your response to an emergency situation is rapid and triggered the moment a hazard is identified. That way, emergency responders can be alerted quickly and directed to any location where support is needed.

Prepare disaster plan checklists so that no steps or mitigations are overlooked. After all, during an evacuation from an impending tornado or storm, you do not want to put the safety of your staff or first responders at risk if something or someone is forgotten. Having disaster plans available electronically from a central cloud-based registry means your crisis team can respond to a disaster using pre-prepared checklists and guidance augmented by real-time, reliable information.

By simulating natural disaster response scenarios, your team can familiarise themselves with procedures, checklists and any software deployed. Having practice sessions means that, should a natural disaster occur, everyone is comfortable with the roles and responsibilities they have been assigned. It also gives you the opportunity to review the procedures in place and evaluate their effectiveness. Should a change be needed, don’t forget to schedule training to keep your team fully updated of any new procedures, messaging or checklists.

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Manage Your Natural Disaster Response

Deploying Specialised Technology to Manage Your Natural Disaster Response

Your team will be busy with your crisis management response during a natural disaster – if tasks have been assigned and subsequently completed, if messages and alerts have been received and acknowledged. As mobile networks and internal communications unavailable during a crisis, the response team needs secure, reliable communication channels so they can call, chat or conduct conference calls.

A manual solution to these problems is unreliable, cumbersome and time-consuming. With the support of a monitoring and alerting software, many tasks can be automated, thereby freeing up personnel time to concentrate on more pressing matters. It can log responses and track the status of tasks so your response team can be sure of the most up to date information and progress of the response.

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Prepare for Natural Disasters with Smart Solutions

Although natural hazards cannot be avoided, the negative effects can be mitigated thanks to comprehensive preparedness plans and a proactive crisis management approach. F24’s independent, SaaS solution guarantees availability and provides a means of secure communication, even when day-to-day IT infrastructure is not available. What’s more, our infrastructure is cloud-based, it is easily scalable to suit businesses, corporations up to local and national governments to help them deal with a large-scale incident.

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How Can Governments Prepare for Natural Disasters?

Local and national governments have to plan for a multitude of hazards, from weather-related risks such as storms and floods to natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis. By investing in disaster response software, you can deal with severe incidents in a professional, co-ordinated manner. Whether you need to organise first-aid stations, plan an evacuation or activate warning systems, your disaster preparedness teams can use a simple, unified interface and software solution to manage the response.

What Are the Benefits of Disaster Preparedness for Business?

Natural hazards such as wildfires, tsunamis and hurricanes can cause havoc to local communities and disrupt businesses over a wide area. In fact, the BCI Emergency Communications Report 2021 confirmed that natural hazards are among the top 3 triggers for emergencies. In times of crisis, businesses need a specialised software that can send out messages automatically and resend them to the same or alternative numbers if a response is not received.

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