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Emergencies can occur at any time. Emergency Notification systems are crucial for businesses to ensure damage and losses are kept to a minimum.

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How Real-Time Messaging and Alerting Can Help during a Critical Incident?

In an emergency, every second counts. An emergency notification system alerts employees and helps in communicating information to anyone affected by a critical situation. It can be used on a mass-scale to notify thousands of people or targeted to deliver crucial emergency communications to certain groups.

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Communicate rapidly and precisely in the event of disruptions and crises

FACT24 ENS+ is our Software-as-a-Service-solution for secure and comprehensive Alerting and Emergency Notification. It supports crisis managers, particularly in the acute phase of a critical event. Get to know FACT24 ENS+ in depth and schedule a demo:

Time-Saving Calculator: Calculate how much time you save

During a crisis, every second counts. But how long does it take you to alert all of your employees in an emergency?

Find out how much time you can save with a software-based, automated alerting system and which advantages a digital alerting solution from F24 offers you.

With software-based automated alerting, your alerting time is reduced by 1% *:

Manual Alerting Time: 1 h 45 min
Automated Alerting Time: 13 min
Not just Time-Saving: Additional Benefits of Automatic Alerting
  • Automatic overview through real-time feedback functionalities
  • Targeted alerting processes
  • Guaranteed availability and data security
  • Automatic documentation

Learn how you can optimise your emergency notification system to reach out to as many people as you want in the most time efficient manner.

Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst

By their very nature, emergencies are often unpredictable. From natural disasters, storms, and fires, to attacks on people, property and systems, an emergency always requires a calm, planned response and effective, transparent communication.

An emergency notification system may not be on the day-to-day priority list of your organisation. However, having up-to-date alerts and notifications during an emergency is critical for decision-making to protect life, infrastructure, and assets. The better your organisation is equipped to respond to an emergency, the quicker your recovery.

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Why Invest in an Emergency Notification System?

An emergency notification system enables organisations to communicate swiftly during a critical incident, ensuring vital information and advice is delivered to those who need it when they need it. Speed is key in crisis management – a study [1] shows that over 32% of companies that uses emergency notification software activate their communication plan within 5 minutes, compared to just 15% who have no software in place.

Deploying a system that allows messaging across multiple channels including SMS alerts, automated telephone calls, e-mail, and more is fundamental.

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Conduct Exercise and Training

Testing is a vital feature to ensure emergency notification processes do not fail during a critical situation. A comprehensive plan should also schedule regular testing of alerting and notification procedures, as well as the emergency notification software itself.

An emergency notification system is an effective tool to inform teams, all employees or, where relevant, the public in a timely and straightforward way. Having a plan also allows messaging to be formulated in advance, ensuring it is clear and easy to understand. Investing time in predefined alerts can save valuable seconds in the future when employees or customers could be at risk.

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Tips for Successful Emergency Notification

Deploying a system that allows messaging across multiple channels including SMS alerts, automated telephone calls, e-mail, and more is fundamental. What’s more, up-to-date data is a key feature for the success of any emergency notification system.

Real-time monitoring of crises allows organisations to track which employees have received, opened/listened to, and reacted to messages. You can see where, for example, a text message may not have been received. If not, you can then ensure that the alert is resent automatically, either using SMS again or an alternative medium such as a mobile app notification. 

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Reap the Benefits of an Emergency Notification System

Clear, responsive emergency communications will allow your business to continue to provide vital services and support during an incident – and beyond.

Find out more about how our solutions can support your emergency response – Get in touch for an obligation-free appointment with an expert from F24 to learn how your organisation can benefit from our SaaS solutions for emergency and crisis management!

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Planning Your Emergency Notification Strategy 

An emergency notification plan allows you to design relevant alerts for a range of incidents in advance. By setting out step-by-step responses to critical events and emergencies, you can ensure your business continuity plans are activated as quickly as possible.

Mass Notification Systems: Ensure the Message Always Gets Out

During an emergency, the threat to businesses and employees can increase dramatically. Identified as one of the most important risks in today’s business world, cyber incidents cause major service outages and disruption. Contingencies and alternative communication channels must always be available. For example, SaaS solutions for emergency communications allow organisations to not only activate plans quicker but have the flexibility of managing the response from anywhere – even on the go. Clearly, having an emergency notification SaaS is beneficial for companies, as the most recent BCI E&CC report states that most companies have one. 

In certain circumstances, organisations do not know the contact details of those individuals affected by an incident. Here, an emergency notification system can be scaled up so general announcements can be made via public address systems, warnings sounded via sirens and messages sent via any location-based technology. In this way, organisations ensure as many people as possible are informed of any danger and can take action. 

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