Crisis Management For Manufacturing Industry

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Fire and Evacuation Alert for Industrial Manufacturing

In the event of a fire, it is crucial to evacuate a production site within a few minutes to ensure the safety of individuals. To facilitate this process, F24 software solutions offer assistance in detecting the fire’s origin and swiftly evacuating vulnerable areas in a managed manner. Our solutions are compatible with various fire alarm systems and can initiate evacuation either manually or automatically. Utilising existing infrastructure, our solutions can deliver visual and auditory evacuation instructions directly to employees’ smartphones or broadcast announcements through IP loudspeakers and the central PA system.

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Technical Monitoring for Production Sites

A single faulty component can jeopardise entire production plants, leading to costly machine failures, production losses, and downtime. This can be prevented by integrating alert and information processes into daily operations, identifying problems early, and enabling quick responses from skilled professionals.

F24 solutions offer an efficient alert and crisis management platforms, facilitating seamless communication among production plants, machines, sensors, technical components, and personnel. Relevant experts receive automatic alerts for fault messages. Our software easily connects to machines and subsystems through common interfaces, including floating contacts for machines and devices, analogue sensors for temperature and filling level detection, and serial/IP interfaces for entire systems and distributed control systems.

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Emergency Call for Medical Aid

Managing medical emergencies efficiently can be a challenge in an industrial environment. To address this, F24 solutions provide support in coordinating with first responders, notifying external rescue services, and informing central contact points. Our platforms utilise predefined rules to notify the appropriate authorities and can initiate the escalation of distress calls if needed. Automatic conference calls aid in assessing the situation and determining appropriate response measures. All relevant information is accessible through the central alarm cockpit to ensure a swift first aid response for employees.

Regular testing is recommended for companies to identify and address any organisational gaps that may hinder emergency protocols. F24 software solutions assist throughout this process, from creating contingency plans to integrating them into test alarms’ execution.

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Asset Management for Manufacturing

Asset management has become smarter with the advent of the Internet of Things and smart building solutions. Various systems like heating, ventilation, and doors can now be controlled remotely and can automatically report faults and damages. To address these issues, F24’s solutions provide centralised event and information platforms. It allows for the integration of alert and crisis management solutions with home automation systems, technical components, and sensors through standard and manufacturer-specific interfaces. When faults or damages occur, the relevant professionals are automatically notified based on duty rosters and on-call schedules. Our software solutions streamlines workflows, reduces process costs, and enhances service quality.

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“We therefore need an alarm system that is easy to use even in hectic situations and is completely reliable.”

Karl Rengstorf, Head of Site Security & Emergency Management, SCHOTT AG
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With F24 solutions you will rely on crisis management functions as web-based solutions, therefore independent from the infrastructure. Further functions and users can easily be added as required. In this way, you can adapt our software according to your needs, without having to worry about IT and maintenance, while being fully prepared for any critical situation. Thanks to the hybrid technology, you can connect standardised and vendor-specific interfaces through the local alarm media gateway, so that messages are directly transmitted to the existing communication infrastructure.

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