F24 Solutions for Safety and Crisis Management in Aviation

Safety Management in Aviation

Aviation is a highly critical industry which needs constant safety and risk monitoring.
Safety and crisis management tools are key to ensure its smooth functioning.

Safety Management System In Aviation by F24

Safety Management System in Aviation

There is hardly a place on earth where more people come and go every day – and where so many extraordinary things can happen at any time. Airports are a mobility infrastructure, travel agency, entertainment zone, gastronomy experience and shopping centre all under one roof. A place with complex connections and sensitive processes. No less demanding and critical are the processes of the affiliated airlines.

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Stay Prepared for All Kinds of Emergencies and Crises

Airlines must manage hundreds of minor and major incidents on a daily basis. Perfect planning and fast, proactive crisis management are therefore crucial.

A drone or a flock of birds, a workforce strike, a technical malfunction, a storm, congestion at the checkpoints or even a drunk passenger is enough to disrupt flight operations with lasting effect. Not to mention massive threats such as terrorist attacks or cyber-attacks.

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Stay Prepared for All Kinds of Emergencies and Crises in Aviation
Safety Management Planning in Aviation with F24

How to Plan Your Safety Management

Response to crisis is critical and must be quick. Alerts from planes, crew, ground operations should be acted upon quickly. Make processes run smoother and flying safer with predefined scenarios and contact lists along with rapid and reliable alerting of personnel and emergency services.

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F24 Customer Martin Knuchel of SWISS Airline

“We looked at the benchmark of various solutions because two airlines had a different provider and they were too rigid, too inflexible, we didn’t have this issue with FACT24.” 

Martin Knuchel, Head of Emergency Response Process Management S/OE at SWISS International Air Lines Ltd.

What Are the 4 Pillars of an Aviation Safety Management System?

1. Safety Policy and Objectives

Create a clearly defined policy statement with a commitment from management, defined accountability for safety, emergency response coordination and documentation.

2. Safety Risk Management

Identify hazards, anticipate and assess potential risks. Ultimately design effective ways of mitigating critical situation.

3. Safety Assurance

Monitor and measure safety performance – participate in safety groups and share data with other stakeholders. 

4. Safety Promotion

Educate and train personnel, communicate safety protocols and share actionable feedback.

F24 ensures safety in aviation

Customers who utilise the Solutions from F24:

Glasgow Airport has set up “Campus Watch”, a customised early intervention programme that uses FACT24 to quickly send a text message to all airport staff in the event of a disruption or problem.

London Stansted Airport has been working with the F24 solution CIM since 2019 to manage incidents and proactively prepare for planned events.

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