Product Recall Crisis Management

Despite all preventive measures, mistakes can always occur. If defective or dangerous products reach the market, quick action is crucial to protect customers, minimise damages, and image loss. Through comprehensive alerting and coordinated crisis management, this impact can be significantly lessened.

How you can recall your products easily and efficiently

Is your company faced with the challenge of recalling a product from various distribution points? Software based alerting enables you for example to trigger an alarm with a simple button press, prompting relevant locations to promptly remove the product and provide confirmation of the action taken.

Utilising feedback, escalations, and subsequent alerts can be seamlessly automated. The real-time dashboard of our F24 solution offers a comprehensive view of all feedback, facilitating the transmission of additional information. Furthermore, our system allows centralised control of communication with diverse interest groups, including partners and the media. This adaptable solution is not limited to traditional retail settings and can be applied across various business contexts.

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Benefits of a digital platform for product recall management

As the graphic shows, the F24 solution supports in managing all the important elements of the product recall process. The emergency and crisis dashboard integrated into the software, provides a central platform for monitoring and tracking the recall process. The crisis management function of the solution serves as a comprehensive tool for assessing and managing the current situation incl. digital task management and reporting on the progress made in managing the recall.

One crucial step is the immediate notification of all relevant stakeholders. At the same time, cross-departmental telephone conferences can be initiated to obtain a precise overview of the current status. To answer questions from end users and provide real-time assistance, it is helpful to set up an information hotline.

In addition, your crisis team is tasked with managing the crisis, sharing important information and documents with other relevant parties and promoting collaboration. This proactive approach ensures a well-coordinated approach to efficiently manage and resolve the situation.

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What preventive measures can you take?

Create a detailed plan that outlines how to communicate effectively with customers, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies in the event of a recall.

Conduct regular training sessions for staff on recall procedures and communication strategies.

In the event of initial inadequate communication, quickly release corrective information to clarify any misunderstandings.

If the recall communication negatively impacts the company’s reputation, engage a PR firm specializing in crisis management to help mitigate the damage and restore public trust.

All these preventive measures can be taken with the F24 solution!

F24 product recall solutions are cross-industry and include,
but are not limited to:


Pharmaceutical companies

Drug stores


Manufacturing companies

FAQs about how F24 solutions support Product Recalls

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4. Can the recipients and their contact details be easily imported into the F24 system?
5. Can information recipients also manage their contact data independently?
6. How does an emergency team conference call work?
7. Can attachments with necessary forms be stored and sent in the event of a product recall?
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Crisis Management for Product Recalls

Responding to a product recall requires planning ahead. From informing the individual branches to communicating with authorities, suppliers and end users, a product recall often needs quick decision-making to protect customers, minimize damage and avoid loss of image. Secure communication is crucial in such a scenario. Get in touch with F24 today to understand how you can stay equipped and prepared!

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