Emergency and Crisis Management in Logistic & Transport

Proactive emergency and crisis management for transport and logistics: Protect lives and valuable freight with F24’s smart solutions. 

Emergency Management in Logistics and Transport

Minimise Delays with Smart Solutions

Damage to cargo, loss of cargo, accidents involving hazardous materials or people – the unexpected can happen at any time when you transport precious cargo. To ensure that people and goods arrive at their destination unharmed and on time, precise organisational procedures are required, but above all, these detailed plans for coping with emergencies or crises are essential. They ensure that when a critical situation occurs, the repercussions are kept to a minimum, so that deliveries are made on time. After all, every delay, no matter how small, can quickly result in major losses. 

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Ensure the Smooth Functioning of Personal Transport Processes

Communicate and coordinate with the entire team effectively to tackle any kind of incidents of delays in a timely manner. People transport systems involve complicated processes that rely on efficient communication. For them to run smoothly, you need to have real-time information conveyed to the team and sometimes even the customers.

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“It helps us to intervene early, communicate clearly and be available. By acting early and by taking a proactive approach we have an early overview and can inform customers and media proactively instead of reactively handling hundreds of requests from customers and media.”

Åge-Christoffer Lundeby, Head of Press Relations, Vy Trains 
Crisis Management for Logistics and Transport

Secure Your Logistics and Stay Prepared

As is evident from recent times, several things could create a disruption in logistics or supply chain. Unforeseen events like political conflicts or sudden weather changes can impact the delivery of goods and supplies. Companies need to stay prepared for these kind of situations and have a plan B in place. Our solutions support the planning and activation of the alternative options, so that your business can function smoothly despite the challenges.

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Respond and Coordinate Transparently and Reliably

In an emergency, among other things, managers must be informed as quickly as possible, the crisis management team and qualified specialists must coordinate and if necessary, information hotlines for the public must be set up at short notice. To ensure that the crisis management team is never unprepared for future crises, our F24 solutions include digitised crisis prevention and emergency planning. In addition, unforeseeable crisis scenarios such as dangerous weather conditions or global developments like the outbreak of a pandemic can be monitored at an early stage and an action plan prepared. F24 ensures effective emergency notification, secure communication and efficient, digitised task management during any crisis or disaster from anywhere in the world. 

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