F24 Resilience News Digest – March Edition

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Welcome to the monthly F24 Resilience News Digest. In each edition, we bring you the most relevant news and event updates from around the globe. Follow us to keep up with the latest in the industry.

NATO has announced the launch of CMX 2023, a crisis management exercise aimed at testing the decision-making procedures during political-military crisis.

NATO countries are currently carrying out a week-long exercise called Crisis Management Exercise 2023 (CMX 2023) to test their crisis management strategies at a political-military level using military and civilian staff. The exercise will simulate a challenging civil-military scenario in a hybrid setting and will be held in Brussels and Strategic Commands until March 15. Sweden and Finland will participate for the first time and communicate with different European organizations.

Europe has experienced a rapid surge in the number of crisis incidents, resulting in the region accounting for a third of such incidents globally.

A recent report by Control Risks reveals that crisis incidents in Europe have grown rapidly and now account for one-third of all global incidents. The report states that the number of major incidents in the continent rose by 8% in 2020 compared to the previous year primarly due to cyber-attacks, political violence, and civil unrest. The UK, France, and Germany were found to be the most affected countries in Europe. The report also highlights that the trend towards remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic has increased cyber threats and that the future risks in Europe will affect economic instability, environmental issues, and geopolitical risks.
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The Cyber Resilience Act has been presented in the European Commission’s updated work program the law aiming to establish a national cybersecurity agency in Germany and setting minimum cybersecurity standards for critical infrastructure operators.

The German government has proposed a new law, the Cyber Resilience Act, aimed at strengthening the country’s cyber defenses. The legislation will require operators of critical infrastructure to implement minimum cybersecurity standards and to regularly perform security audits. The act will also establish a national cybersecurity agency responsible for coordinating and monitoring cyber risks and attacks. The proposed law has been welcomed by industry experts, who have called for greater collaboration between the government and private sector to address cyber threats. However, concerns have been raised about the potential costs and administrative pressure of implementing the new requirements. The law should be adapted in the second half of 2023.

Europe is confronted with a mounting water crisis as winter droughts exacerbate, posing a significant threat to different areas.

Europe is facing a growing water crisis as winter droughts worsen, leading to concerns over crop yields, electricity generation and public health. Some countries, including Spain and Italy, have seen their reservoirs’ water levels drop to below 40% of capacity, while others, such as Greece and Bulgaria, have experienced a significant decline in rainfall levels. The situation has been worsened by climate change and population growth, with demand for water outstripping supply in some regions. Experts are calling for better water management policies, investment in new water infrastructure, and measures to increase public awareness of the issue.
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Energy prices in Europe show signs of easing, but challenges remain

Is the current state of Europe’s energy crisis over? Gas prices have fallen from their record highs in January, though they remain significantly higher than previous years, and the situation is still fragile due to supply chain issues and weather conditions. Investing in renewable energy and improving energy efficiency can help alleviate the pressure on the market and ensure more sustainable energy production in the future.

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