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European Commission selects STELLAR Consortium including F24 to demonstrate satellite-based Emergency Warning Services using the European Global Navigation Satellite System (Galileo)

Munich – 14.06.2022 – The STELLAR consortium consisting of Telespazio (FR), F24 (FR/DE), European Emergency Number Association (BE), Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (FR) and Thales Alenia Space (FR) has been awarded the service contract “Emergency Warning Service Demonstrator” by the Directorate-General for Defence Industry and Space (DEFIS) of the European Commission.

The Emergency Warning Service (EWS) is a new service of the Galileo programme, put at the disposal of national civil protection authorities for alerting population in case of looming disaster, including in the cases where the traditional terrestrial alerting systems cannot operate at full capacity or even collapse.

The objective of the STELLAR project is to demonstrate the potential of this forthcoming satellite-based emergency warning service before it is introduced in the European Global Navigation Satellite System (Galileo) infrastructure.

F24 has joined the STELLAR consortium with the aim of contributing with its unique knowledge about crisis management and mass alerting to European and National authorities.

“We are proud to be part of such an important initiative on European Level. We have accumulated tremendous experience all over Europe and beyond and are keen on contributing to this important platform to support the safety of people in Europe,” states Dr. Joerg Rahmer, Spokesperson of the Executive Board at F24.

First Provider to assess the integration of Galileo into Public Warning Systems

The selected consortium has been tasked to analyse the operational needs of the EU national civil protection authorities for a Galileo’s alerting solution, and to showcase how this service could support them in building up resilient strategy facing crisis controls. The demonstrations will involve national authorities from the European Union Member States. STELLAR will contribute also to a better understanding of the end-to-end process of delivering warning and alerts through the Galileo infrastructure and signal-in-space. The project STELLAR is funded in the frame of the EU Horizon Europe Framework Programme for Research and Innovation in Satellite Navigation.

F24 is very active in Research and Development opportunities to provide to its client the most up to date and efficient solutions. The Galileo initiative will enable F24 in further developing its renowned Public Warning System, extend its multi-channel capabilities and becoming the first PWS provider in the EU to experiment the upcoming Galileo Emergency Warning Service.

David Gurle, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of F24 and serial entrepreneur in real time communication and secure messaging technologies, states: “Efficient and reliable emergency communication has become one of the most important tasks in today’s world with multicomplex crisis situations challenging governments as well as businesses regularly. Therefore, the importance of this project cannot be emphasized enough. F24 has proven its role as a true innovator in Emergency Notification and Crisis Management during more than 20 years.”

The European Emergency Warning Service and the Union Space Programme

In its regulation (EU)2021/696 establishing the Union Space Programme, the European Union introduces a new service in the Galileo portfolio of services aimed at broadcasting a warning message to any members of the public facing an upcoming threat (natural-or man-made-hazard): the Emergency Warning Service (EWS). As established in the Regulation, “the services provided by Galileo shall comprise […]an emergency service, broadcasting, through emitting signals, warnings regarding natural disasters or other emergencies in particular areas”. EWS has been conceived as an early warning system in conjunction with other such warning systems already established in EU Member States. The main capabilities offered by the Galileo system to be utilised in the frame of EWS are:

  • Single point of access to Galileo infrastructure for national alert services,
  • Worldwide coverage via the Galileo Signal in Space, independent of terrestrial mobile or internet access,
  • Alert message received by standard GNSS equipment: smartphones, handheld, car navigators, etc
  • Dissemination of an advisory/warning/alert message, including associated instructions to react.
  • Geo-location information of the area of danger encoded in the message to target only the relevant population.

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About F24 and the Stellar Consortium

F24 is the leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider for incident and crisis management, emergency notification and business communications in Europe. The F24 PWS platform provides a highly innovative solution that supports Civil Protection authorities in the efficient and successful management of public warning and alerting campaigns. By integrating the top-notch technologies available, the F24 PWS enables authorities in promptly sending instructions and information to citizens and save lives under all circumstances, including severe scenarios (e.g. thunderstorms, floodings, earthquakes, industrial accidents, terrorism).

The STELLAR (Demonstrations of the upcoming Galileo Emergency Warning Service) consortium is composed by Telespazio (FR), F24 (FR/GE), European Emergency Number Association (BE), Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (FR) and Thales Alenia Space (FR).

About European Commission, Directorate-General for Defence Industry and Space (DEFIS), DEFIS.C.2 – Satellite Navigation

The Directorate-General for Defence Industry and Space (DEFIS) leads the European Commission’s activities in the Defence Industry and Space sector.

In the area of Space, DG DEFIS oversees the implementation of the EU Space programme consisting of the European Earth Observation Programme (Copernicus), the European Global Navigation Satellite System (Galileo) and the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS), as well as the Space Situational Awareness programme and the satellite communication service GOVSATCOM.

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