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Part of overcoming critical situations more efficiently depends on embracing digitalisation. How does this work in crisis management and emergency notification? What’s the impact on your organisation in areas such as Occupational Health & Safety and Lone Working? Our approach is to support you in critical situations with state-of-the-art technology. Whether it is about triggering (mass)alertings or silent alarms, evacuating in case of a fire alarm, communicating with relevant stakeholders fast and reliable – your business can easily leverage the power of technology and IoT while dealing with incidents.

How to Tackle Critical Situations with the Support of Modern Technology

Could you handle a first-aid case easily? Start our eGuide and go through critical scenarios step by step, answering various questions and get to know how a dedicated software solution for emergency notification and crisis management can support you in various critical situations.

Areas We Want to Support You:

We Want to Help You Redefine Your Occupational Health and Safety.

Can your organisation protect your employees during an emergency? As business becomes more global, so does the threats to employee safety. Organisations can have people stationed throughout their home market and across the globe – and you owe a duty of care to every single one of them.

Your organisation can provide immediate assistance when an employee is in harm’s way. When an alarm is triggered or number is called, the incident can be linked to emergency notification features, meaning others can be informed and kept up to date with the situation.

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Learn How Our Smart Solutions can Help You!

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Learn How Our Smart Solutions can Help You!

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Information Brochure “Lone Worker Solution”

Simple, smart and reliable: The lone worker solution can support you to comply with regulations like the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, and the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 – for more safety for your employees.

Alerting Equipment with Smart Security

Smart Security Measures Minimise Risk and Make Your Business Less of a Target for Disruptions.

An integrated approach with physical security infrastructure connected to monitoring and alerting software represents the next generation of business security.

It can be easily integrated with physical infrastructure (lights, videos, alarms etc) and can help identify incidents quickly and automate the initial response. It reduces manual intervention and enables you to watch over large areas effectively and identify security threats when they occur you can ensure your security processes are efficiently managed and monitored.

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Learn How Our Smart Solutions can Help You!

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A Mass Notification System for Maximum Reach.

Alerting large groups of individuals involves quick responses, clear messaging, and the ability to coordinate on an overview of actions and responses. A mass notification system helps you plan and manage your response to any incident, large or small. By automating operations such as sending out initial notifications and resending or redirecting failed messages, a mass notification system can free up time for the crises control team to deal with more pressing matters.

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Secure and Comprehensive Emergency Notification Services

The FACT24 ENS+ (Emergency Notification Services) alerting solution forms the core of our FACT24 product suite for Proactive Crisis Management and Emergency Notification. It supports crisis managers, particularly in the acute phase of a critical event, in alerting and mobilising emergency services, crisis management teams and (potentially) affected individuals.

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