BCI Crisis Management Report 2023

F24 and BCI present the Crisis Management Report 2023

The BCI has released this year’s Crisis Management Report, sponsored by F24.

The report examines the current status of crisis management capabilities within organisations, as well as the structure of this function and its relationship with other key disciplines in the resilience field. Sponsored by F24, the report uses survey responses and structured interviews with senior resilience professionals to provide an in-depth analysis of this critical area.

Rachael Elliott, Head of Thought Leadership, The BCI, commented: “Although COVID-19 is still very much with us, it is encouraging to see organizations are already adapting their plans and processes as a result of learnings made. As the crisis landscape becomes more complex, organizations are being more proactive in their approach, adopting flexibility within the team and exploiting technology to collaborate, analyse, and react more effectively in a crisis situation. With management now taking more of a leading role within crisis management, we look forward to seeing crisis management capabilities improve even more over time.”

Benjamin Jansen, Senior Vice President Sales ENS/CIM at F24, on this year’s report: “For a growing number of organisations, crisis situations are no longer the exception but the rule. And businesses are recognizing the need for cultivating resilience, to effectively address any situation across all levels in this age of permacrisis. It is especially encouraging to see that a large share of companies are very willing to invest in technology, training and exercising for the next five years.”

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