F24 AG convinces with its panel discussion at the BCI World Virtual Event 2021

F24 AG was able to create and host a panel discussion at the BCI World Virtual Conference 2021, one of the largest business continuity and resilience events in the world. The Paneldiscussion is intended for exchange and discussion on global crisis management and serves the purpose of sharing specific examples from different countries worldwide and derive overall learning on crisis management.

Crises do not adhere to country borders, nor do they adhere to any human-defined boundaries. The challenges organisations are facing in handling crisis situations are therefore very similar: Unstructured communication, critical IT facilities that are no longer functioning or unclear responsibilities can make it hard to manage a critical situation successfully. However, the very same crisis can be handled with a different focus due to global differences in working and communication culture. Learn from these shared experiences and different perspectives on crisis management from all over the world.

For more than 20 years we at F24 have been assisting clients worldwide on how to overcome those problems and successfully manage crisis situations. Benjamin Jansen, Vice President Solutions ENS & CM, moderates and guides you through experiences that will give insights on the importance of different crisis management practices and what unites successful crisis management globally. This includes lessons on efficient collaboration between multiple locations, like a Norwegian aviation company with its 45 airports, as well as interesting insights from a scientific point of view.


Benjamin Jansen
Vice President Sales ENS/CIM, F24 AGE

Benjamin Jansen is the Vice President ENS/CM Solutions at F24 and responsible for the global Sales activities of the business continuity and crisis management solution FACT24 and CIM, as well as the public alerting solution TéléAlerte. With more than 16 years of experience in different Management Positions in Sales and over 23 years experience within SaaS solutions, IOT and cloud technology, he has gained a combination of broad and international experiences within companies like T-Systems, Nemetschek Group, SELLBYTEL GroupGmbH and KONUX.


Prof. Dr. Alexander Fekete
Risk and Crisis Management

Mr Alexander Fekete is Professor of Risk and Crisis Management at TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences since December 2012. His present research focuses on studying the systemic interrelations of natural, technical and man-made hazards with social vulnerabilities and critical infrastructures. Interdisciplinary disaster risk management, risk governance, urban resilience, risk and crisis communication, and target levels of safety and security are recent research and educational activities.

Juan Manuel Gil Bote
Managing Director F24 Servicios de Comunicación, S.L.U.

Juan Manuel Gil Bote is the Managing Director of F24 Servicios de Comunicación, S.L.U. In this role, he is responsible for corporate development. Here, the focus is on the distribution of F24’s product portfolio in Spain, Portugal and Central/South America. Juan Manuel Gil Bote is able to look back on decades of experience in sales and distribution and has driven forward the development of the Spanish F24 subsidiary successfully since its foundation with great commitment and passion.

Geir Lerhol
Head of contingency and crisis management at Avinor

Geir Lerhol has gained a lot of knowledge on crisis management and emergency notification through his experience and training in the real world: from the military, both domestic and in NATO operations, as well as from the police force in Norway (SWAT). Together with his education in Business administration and contingency planning these experiences lay the foundation of his practical and useable perspective of security and preparedness in the business world. By incorporating the psychological dimension he is committed to building a strong, resilient and capable security culture to achieve a successful crisis management.

Pierre Lorcy
CEO/President of LORCYBER

CEO and founder of a cybersecurity consulting company since 2017, Pierre was the former COO (Chief Operation officer) of the BNP Paribas Global Security function (Physical Security, Information Security, Information System Security, Business Continuity and Crisis Management). Pierre was subsequently: project leader in a security startup, consulting manager in a software company, projects manager in a IT Services company and Bank IT manager.

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