F24 Resilience News Digest – March Edition

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Welcome to the monthly F24 Resilience News Digest. In each edition, we bring you the most relevant news and event updates from around the globe. Follow us to keep up with the latest in the industry.

The UN report cautions that the escalating global water crisis is exacerbating conflicts.

The UN’s World Water Development Report 2024 highlights that increasing global water scarcity is intensifying conflicts and instability, emphasising the crucial role of clean water access in fostering peace. With 2.2 billion people lacking clean drinking water and 3.5 billion without safe sanitation, girls and women, particularly in rural areas, face heightened risks, including dropout rates due to spending hours fetching water. The report also underscores the link between water scarcity, migration, and climate change, urging international cooperation to address water challenges and prevent further crises.

Following Russian cyber attacks, the EU has reached a political agreement on the Cyber Solidarity Act.

Negotiators from the European Council and Parliament have reached a provisional agreement on the Cyber Solidarity Act, designed to enhance member states’ resilience against digital threats following Russian cyber attacks. The Act, proposed last year, comprises three pillars aimed at bolstering the EU’s ability to detect, prepare for, and respond to cybersecurity threats. Once formally endorsed by both bodies, the agreement will undergo review and adoption later this year, with the European Cyber Shield and a cyber reserve among its key provisions to address cross-border cyber incidents and improve cybersecurity coordination.

Europe is set to face severe consequences from the climate crisis.

A new study warns of significant climate change impacts on Europe and recommends urgent policy changes to mitigate the effects. The European Environment Agency report highlights common climate-related challenges faced globally, emphasizing the need for immediate action to address ecosystem, food security, health, infrastructure, and economic threats. Despite the call for coordinated efforts within the EU, effective collaboration among member states remains uncertain.

Leaders in Europe who support nuclear energy are advocating for a resurgence in atomic power.

European leaders and energy experts advocate for a nuclear energy revival at a summit in Brussels, aiming to rejuvenate the continent’s nuclear industry amid its gradual decline. While the push for nuclear expansion aligns with Europe’s climate targets, challenges such as investment shortages and project delays persist, prompting calls for nuclear financing reforms. Despite divisions among EU countries regarding nuclear promotion, a joint commitment has been made to unlock nuclear energy potential through measures including lifetime extension of existing reactors and construction of new plants, while ensuring safety and security standards.

An EU official states that cybersecurity investment within the EU policy needs to be doubled in the next mandate.

The European Commission has allocated €214 million for cybersecurity in 2024, with plans to double investments in the next mandate to enhance the bloc’s resilience against cyber threats. Roberto Viola, director-general of the commission’s digital unit, emphasized the importance of bolstering cybersecurity efforts post-election to mitigate ransom attacks and other cyber threats. Actions funded by this allocation will be implemented by the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre in Bucharest. Amid rising threats, there’s a focus on implementing cybersecurity legislation such as NIS2 and the Cyber Resilience Act, with efforts to protect critical infrastructures and leverage AI-powered solutions for faster decision-making.

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