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Since New Year’s 2021, everyone, including Norwegian citizens, intending to cross the Norwegian border have been required by law to have completed an entry registration form prior to their scheduled arrival. The registration is done through the web portal “Entry Norway” a solution based on CIM from F24 Nordics.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic the requirement since 2. January 2021 has been that everyone who intends to cross the Norwegian border, including Norwegian citizens, must have completed an entry registration form prior to their scheduled arrival. The form is filled in digitally and upon its completion, the person who registered receives a receipt which must be show to the police on arrival.

This entry registration solution was developed and fully operational after mere weeks at the end of 2020. It was launched 2. January, as a replacement for the paper-based registration system previously launched on 21 December 2020.

According to DSB’s website have almost 1.9 million journeys been registered in the portal by mid-October.

The secret behind this rapid development and implementation was an advancement of the existing module for travel registration within the very flexible crisis management solution CIM from F24 Nordics, a dedicated development team and an excellent collaboration between customer and supplier.

With new, rigid restrictions on the registration of all entrances into Norway, the Ministry of Justice and Public Security needed a simple, but simultaneously secure digital registration solution. Each individual traveller would need to register their information, and this would have to be available to different governmental groups, like border control, municipalities, health authorities, health personnel, etc.  

The Government’s decision to establish a digital solution for entry registration 10 December 2020, and the responsibility for having it implemented was assigned to the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB). DSB chose to commission the assignment of a digital registration solution to F24 Nordics.

F24 Nordics has a 15-year record as a solutions supplier for DSB and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and has, among other things, provided the Ministry of Foreign Affair’s with a web portal for voluntary registration for trips abroad.

This solution, which was also based on CIM, was used as a template for the new entry registration. 

This was an extremely short time-period and at the same time does development of such an online portal for entry registration come with some obstacles. Not only were there numerous different user groups that should have access to the registered information, but as a central system for entry registration, was it essential to fulfil the requirements for durability and system availability – the same goes for the requirements for data and privacy protection. The user interface would also have to available in multiple languages. 

It did not make it easier that the development of the solution should take place right before Christmas and in the days leading up to New Year’s which is a busy holiday period with lots of days off for both the customer and the supplier.

Based on the flexible emergency preparedness platform CIM and the module for travel registration, it was, nevertheless, possible for the highly dedicated and skilled development team from F24 Nordics in close collaboration with DSB, to develop and deliver a solution by 4 pm on 2. January 2021. The solution had by this point also undergone and passed extensive security tests performed by the IT security company ATEA.

This was also particularly challenging in relation to more traditional, long-term solutions that are developed for emergency preparedness software. It has therefore been necessary to have a flexible system due to short time periods and constant changes, as a result of continual developments and alterations to the pandemic situation and its requirements. Since its launch, have more than 50 major and minor changes have been implemented, where these alternations have been partly due to changes in the Covid-19 regulations.

Jan Terje Sæterbø

Jan Terje is the head of the project and security department in F24 Nordics. He has been involved in designing solutions for digital crisis management since the late 1990s and has led the implementation of such solutions for a number of both national and international companies and organisations. He has a background from the Armed Forces and has many years of experience from the IT industry both as a manager and project manager, in addition to this he also holds a bachelor’s degree in emergency preparedness and crisis management from Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.

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